Welcome to Amiga Fan, this site was created with the intention to share my passion and interest in the Amiga computer, originally it was meant to be a site similar in vein to ones like Amibay and Amiga.org however as this site is being updated just by myself I realised I had to take a different approach to it. Much like the newsletters of old this site will be filled up with reviews, tips and guides and links to all things Amiga related. Please note that I am not a professional user and I cannot provide extreme technical support, for things like that I recommend using places like Amibay and EAB, however I have been using the Amiga since 1987 and have at least many years of experience. My main interest in the Amiga has been through making music and creating graphics, in-fact the multimedia capabilities of the Amiga are what really attracted me to the machine not the games as was so common for others.

I plan to look at how to create graphics, music and other aspects multimedia on the Amiga and will review some of the older software which is still relevant today software such as OctaMED and Brilliance. I am also on the look out for other articles from other users and websites and am happy to include them to help in sharing the information, the Amiga is still an exciting area to be in and with more hardware coming out each year.
Latest Updates:
17th February 2021 - Website back up with new reviews coming!
After over 2 years away AmigaFan.com is back online and with new reviews and guides coming in soon, in the next few weeks we will review the Raspberry Pi 400 with PiMiga installed, Amiga 500/600/1200 OLED power supply, if lucky the 8mb A1200 ram expansion from AmigaKit and for the first time game reviews. In addition there will be a guide on how to best use your Amiga with a Framemeister, how does it compare to the other scandoublers out there. If you wish to have a product reviewed on the website please contact me here.

16th January 2017 - ACA1233n 28mhz review coming this month
The latest in the ACA series of accelerators from Indivision computing, how does this A1200 accelerator stack up to the old cards and the new? Review coming soon.

11th January 2017 - Viva Amiga Finally!!
Probabaly the longest in production documentary ever Viva Amiga finally was released almost 6 years after its initial kickstarter campaign, fraught with delays and lack of funds the American made documentary by Zach Weddington was released digitally on the 7th of January of this year. Proceed to the reviews page to see if the wait was worth it and what to expect in the future from Zach Weddington. Review can be found here.

10th January 2017 - So sorry!!!
Well it is almost TWO years ago that I said I would resurrect this site and that never happened but finally in 2017 I have the time to work on the site again and there will be a lot of updates coming. Some of the newest updates will be a review of the new Amiga documentary Viva Amiga, alternatives to the internal scan doublers, the latest Amiga 1200 accelerator, sampling techniques and reviews of an Amiga book and documentary from last year. There is a lot to get through and with 2017 there are even more projects happening, I will try my best to update the site and add honest reviews and guides when and where possible.

17th July 2015 - Resurrecting the site!!
I can`t believe it has been two years since the last update to this site, over the years there have been many Amiga developments in hardware, books, and even movies. We will be covering those aspects on this site but in the meantime is has changed from Amiga User to Amiga User Group Japan, this was done to help the Amiga users in Japan, be they Japanese or expats get together and talk. I will be arranging meetups in the coming months where other like minded Amiga users can get together to talk Amiga and even help each other with problems. Unfortunately this will not be in time to celebrate the 30th year of the Amiga.

23rd May 2013 - Amiga music album, SCART to HDMI convertor & more ...
There have been many projects finshing off of recent related to the Amiga scene, one of the more exciting things to be coming soon is the new Amiga film Viva Amiga, an indepth documentary with interviews with the people behind the original Amigas, the international scene and the future of the Amiga, this is going to be an epic film. This month I have reviewed the new Amiga album Paula Angus Denise - Amiga and CD32 game music, a very tasty CD/digital download, the very under rated SCART to HDMI convertor. Please check out the reviews section for more reviews of old and new Amiga hardware and in the meantime check out the trailer for the new Amiga film coming out this year!

16th April 2013 - Nathan aka Amigamaniac is back!
One the best places to get handmade Amiga hardware for a decent price has come back, after suffering from health problems last year he was unable to cope with the influx of orders and a number of customers did not receive their orders, due to a lack to communication many users in the Amiga scene became dissolussioned with Nathan. I happy to say that I have received an e-mail apologising the for lack of communication and product, I do not want expose his private life but suffice to say he has been suffering with health problems and is now offering people who ordered in the past a refund or the chance to wait for their order. I must commend Nathan on doing this, after over a year he is still communicating and offering refunds to those who need it. This is great service and I imagine there are not many others who would do this. Good luck with your health issues Nathan and getting the business going again.

13th April 2013 - New scan doubler guide coming!
After having scoured the various forums it seems there are a number of alternative scan doublers that can be used with your A1200 which are much cheaper than the usual internal ones, I will be soon posting a small review and guide on these alternatives.

10th Feb. 2013 - Finally some new updates!
This site has been in limbo for too long of a time and finally I have gotten my arse into gear and started to update the site with more articles and reviews, added reviews for the Indivision ECS, A604, Kipper2k 4mb A600 ram expansion, Bloodwych`s Classic WB and and soon to come reviews of the Indivision AGA MK2 and ACA1232/25. Also during my internet surfing I came across this interesting website detailing movies and tv shows where the Amiga is featured, you can find the site here.

2nd Oct. 2012 - New reviews!
Two new reviews coming online both for the good old Amiga 600.

30th Sep. 2012 - New Sensible Software Book
This is going to be great, a new book has just been funded via Kickstarter about one of the best games companies around, Sensible Software, it is going to be in full colour with full page prints of the graphics, pre-art and interviews. Watch out for this one as it looks to be very interesting.

6th Oct. 2011 - Rest in peace Steve Jobs
On the 5th of October Steve Jobs died from cancer, Mr. Jobs may not have been a great supporter of the Amiga but Apple and Amiga had the same ideas on how computing should be and the world will not be the same without Steve Jobs pushing the boundaries of our computing experience. Our sympathies go out to all his family and friends on this sad day. R.I.P Steve Jobs.

8th Feb. 2011 - New web site online!
Finally got the design finished and now adding content to the site, will hopefully have everything online within a month.

21st Mar. 2011 - Review of the V3.0 Amigamaniac RGB to S-Video adapter
A cheap and effective way to use your Amiga on a LCD TV or monitor, coupled with a cheap RGB to VGA converter this piece of kit is a serious alternative to the internal scan doubler. Check out the review here.

15th Mar. 2011 - Review of the Commodore Book
Books about our favourite company Commodore are thin on the ground and especially books that talk about the Amiga, recently there has been a new revised version released, we have the review here.
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