Indivision A604 Ram Expansion
Author/Company: Individual Computers - Date of review: 15th October 2012
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In the past the little Amiga 600 has been generally disregarded when it came to expansions, when it first came out there were only ram expansions which added an extra 1mb of Chip Ram, otherwise you would be hard pressed to find another expansion for the machine. In the last few years the A600 has been getting more love from the hardware developers and one company has produced a seemingly simple memory expansion but one which can give your A600 a new lease of life.

The Indivision A604 is the latest version of the 1mb Chip Ram expansion card, this also includes a Real Time Clock (RTC) built into the card (you just add a watch battery) and two expansion ports, one of which is for the Indivision ECS which I have reviewed on this site and the other is a Clock Port Expansion which can help if you want to add USB ports to the Amiga.

is very easy, just take off the bottom cover and slot in the card, if you wish to use the RTC feature I recommend putting the battery in first just to save you the hassle of taking out the card again. There is no additonal software to use the card feels very sturdy and works like a charm, once the card is installed your A600 will have 2mb of Chip Ram and a working RTC. Now the fun starts where you can install an Indivision ECS and USB ports. This card is really an essential purchase for any A600 user, there are other older cards out there that support the extra memory but none of them have the ability to use the Indivision ECS and add USB ports, at the low of price of just over £34.00 you can`t go wrong with this card. It can be bought from Amiga retailers such as Amigakit.

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