ACA1220/18 128mb
Author/Company: Individual Computers - Date of review: 2nd May 2013
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The ACA series of accelerators are well known in the Amiga community, initally starting out with the A1200 they have now encompass the much negleted A600, however this review will concentrate on the new 020 series of cards for the A1200. Now for many users they may be thinking why an 020 card would be of use as the Amiga 1200 already comes with an 020, well the 020 in the ACA card is a bit faster but also due to the way the card is built and how the 020 accesses the 128mb of ram the Amiga 1200 can get quite a significant boost in speed matching the speed of an A3000 with an 030 at 25Mhz, which is quite amazing consdering this card is only 18Mhz.

The card comes in the familiar black box with a photocopied manual, there is nothing much else in the box. The card is the same in design as the 1230 except with an 020 in place of the 030, the card itself is built quite well, installation was as about painless as you can get on an A1200 and for some it might be better to take the case of the top first incase the metal shielding might cause problems. It is quite a snug fit and the card needs to be pushed in quite a bit of force. Once the card is firmly in you are ready to switch on the Amiga, now depending if you have Kickstart 3.0 or 3.1, if you have the latter all the 128mb of memory will be recoginised, otherwise you will only see 1mb and need to install the ACATune software, we will look into this little piece of software else where. Boot up time was relatively fast but not sort of speed that you will get with a fast 030 at 50Mhz but then again this card is very cheap coming in at £65.00 this is the same price as a second hand 4-8mb ram expansion cards on the Amiga which is quite amazing. This card was a real pleasure to use, it gave a nice speed boost, a large amount of memory to use and easy installation, for the price and features it is hard to not like this card. Like with other ACA cards there needs to be some tweaking done with the ACA Tune and some might have issues with the PCMCIA port but with some experimentation this can be fixed easily.

Overall I was very happy with this card, it is a very decent price and has a lot of features that are useful, if you are looking at buying a second hand memory card I would strongly suggest looking at the ACA 1220 series as you will save money by buying new hardware which will offer more features for less money than is being asked for second hand hardware. At times the ACA cards can be a hit or miss but this time the price is right, the features are right and it is a great little card to add to your Amiga 1200.
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