ACA1232/25 128mb
Author/Company: Individual Computers - Date of review: 30th January 2013
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Reasonably priced Amiga 1200 accelerators have been hard to come by over the years as the hardware ages and these essential cards become rarer the prices have sky rocketed, in the arena steps Individual Computers with their ACA series. In years past they have released a number of cheap 030 cards that came with 64mb of ram, a nice amount for the Amiga 1200, now in 2012 Jens has released a new set of cards for the A1200 and eventually the A500.

As with all Individual Computer items the card comes in the familiar black box with a photocopied manual, there is nothing much else in the box. The card itself has changed in size and colour now almost double the length of the previous card and in a garish red colour, it definitely is not as clean looking as the first cards. Otherwise the card itself seems to be built quite well, installation was as about painless as you can get on an A1200 and for some it might be better to take the case of the top first incase the metal shielding might cause problems. It is quite a snug fit and the card needs to be pushed in quite a bit of force. Once the card is firmly in you are ready to switch on the Amiga, now depending if you have Kickstart 3.0 or 3.1, if you have the latter all the 128mb of memory will be recoginised, otherwise you will only see 1mb and need to install the ACATune software, we will look into this little piece of software else where. Boot up time was quite fast with the card and the Workbench definitely felt more nippy and having the 128mb of fast ram is great for gaming, rendering, graphics and music.

Now I was initally very happy with this card until I tried to use my CF card reader, as soon as I plugged it in the A1200 would reboot, this was quickly fixed with the ACA Tune commands being added to the user-startup sequence, however once the machine stopped resetting the card was never read from Workbench. It seems that this might be some problem with Classic WB and ACATune, when booting into a fresh install of Workbench I was able to access the CF card. Over all the system was nippy but the issues with the CF card and stability were a bit worrisome, now it could be that I just had a bad batch and there have been many other users reporting no problems with the card and still others who are having real headaches. It seems that the ACA cards can be a real hit and miss at times. They are quite cheap and Jens needs to be applauded for this but when you compare the quality of older cards like the Blizzard it can be quite frustrating as hardware 17 years old still works better than hardware made in 2012. In short have a look at these cards as they are great for the A1200 but don`t be surprised if it will take a few hours to figure out the bugs that will cause issue on your Amiga. Once again we are the mercy of one hardware producer for Amiga expansion cards ... maybe its time that another put their wares into the ring.
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