ACA620/16.67 10.8mb
Author/Company: Individual Computers - Date of review: 1st June 2013
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The A600 has not had the usual arrary of accelerators like its bigger brother the A1200 however recently there have been more products available that will expand your little A600 and make it more useful. The ACA620 is in the same family as the ACA1200 series with a few exceptions, where as the ACA1200 series plugs into the expansion port of the A1200 the ACA620 plugs directly onto the 680000 CPU giving you a decent speed boost, memory and an 020. Upon first seeing the card it is a little bigger than you except given that the A600 is already quite small but it feels very sturdy and as if it it will not break. Attaching the card requires quite a bit pressure and you can`t help but worry that the card might break but once it is attached it stays there. In the past the Indivision cards had connectors that were lose and did not stay put, with the ACA620 I could lift the A600 using the card, though this is not recommended unless you want to play dangerously with your A600`s life.

Once installed the A600 booted quickly into Workbench and showed the extra fast ram and using sysinfo I could see the new CPU as well. The card worked very well during my time of use and it really gave the old A600 a nice boost, if you pair this with an IndivisionECS it makes the A600 into one of the nicest Amiga`s around. A lot of my tasks involves sampling, using OctaMED, Briliance and Final Writer, during all these tasks the Amiga chugged along nicely and while it is not a speed demon the speed boost was noticable during most applications. Games in WDLoad were a bit faster loading and some of the more CPU intensive games were smoother, I would not recommend running any FPS on this card though as the old 020 is just not up to it.

Overall this is a very useful and reasonably priced card, at the time of purchase it was £99 which is pretty decent, the card gives a nice speed boost, extra memory and teamed up with an Indivision ECS makes the Amiga 600 into a nice little productive machine. The small footprint of the A600 makes it ideal for travelling and expanded with the ACA620 means you can run more games for an Amiga game party, of if you one of the chip tune muscians travelling around this makes a nice portable but slightly powerful ECS Amiga. If you have £100 burning a hole in your pocket and an A600 in need of some love then I highly recommend this accerator.

* 2017 Update: Since this review was done in 2013 there have been a number of new accelerators made available such as the Vampire, at the time of this article the ACA620 was the only real alternative.

- 2018 -

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