On The Edge: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore
Author/Company: Brian Bagnall - Date of review: 5th March 2011
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Books about the Amiga are few and far to find, it is so rare to find a book which really delves into the history behind our favourite machine, there have been magazine articles and short paragraphs in other books but they have not given the true credit that the designers of the Amiga and the people at Commodore deserve. So it was with extra special anticipation that I looked forward to reading this book. The book starts off by describing the man who started Commodore and it hooks you right from the start, Brian Bagnall`s writing style is very easy to follow and manages to place you into the early seventies and eighties. He goes into many areas which have not been discussed before like the Japanese and European markets, he has interviews with various engineers who worked on some of the most revolutionary hardware made at the time.

It makes you think what could Commodore have really achieved if they had been given more money and had better management, at times it is almost too frustrating to read as you hear about the rediculous decision made by management. Aside from the frustration it is a roller coaster ride through the later 70s to early 90s when Commodore was at fore front of computer technology.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in computer history though the Apple fans may not like what they read in the book but somebody has got to tell them the truth not matter how much it stings. As an Amiga and Commodore fan this book is both facinating and depressing, it shows what really happened and how things might have been different. The last edition of this book sold out quickly so I suggest anyone interested in buying this book to pick up a copy as quickly as they can. All in all this book is a great read from front to back cover.

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