It is hard sometimes to find Amiga software so I will collect links to websites where you can download useful software, if legal I will also post links to games that can be downloaded for free.
Classic Workbench Packs by Bloodwych
This is an essential place to find Workbench installs, I can`t recommend this site enough, great for beginners and oldskoolers.
Amiga MOD Archives
Nice collection of Amiga mods old and new.
Great place for downloading some of the latest Amiga software.
Indivision ECS Software
If you are looking to tweak the settings on your Indivision ECS then you will need this software, it will also allow you to add scanlines for that "warm and fuzzy" feeling.
Killer Gorilla WHD Load
If you are looking for easy installs of WHDLoad games then this is the best place to look, KG has packed and organised all the game packs into alphabetical order. Works great of any Amiga with more than 2mb chip ram and 4mb fast ram.
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