If you have questions about the Amiga or hardware for the Amiga then you have come to the right place, in this section I will add guides and tips on how to set up and install software/hardware and commonly asked questions. If you have any thing in particular which you would like to see added to this section please contact me via the website, or if you have any guides that you would like to publish on this site please feel free to contact me and I will add it with full recognition.
Hardware Tips and Guides
Alternative Scan Doublers for the Amiga 1200 - coming soon!
We are going to look at the different ways to get your Amiga`s video output into a modern monitor without have to spend a small fortune on the latest batch of internal scan doublers.
Amiga 1200 Expansion Cards Guide
A short but very useful guide from AndyLandy over at Amibay.com, this is perfect for those of you just coming back to the Amiga or the newbies out there not sure of which type of card to purchase.

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