Indivision AGA MK2
Author/Company: Individual Computers - Date of review: 30th January 2013
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The Indivision AGA MK2 has been available now for some time, over one year, and in the eyes of many Amiga users it is the best internal AGA scan doubler you can get for the A1200 and it is the only internal A1200 scan doubler available at the moment, does this make it a great product or is Jens surfing the situation being the only supplier of an internal scan doubler. The original Indivision AGA was met with relatively good sucess it introduced the first internal scan doubler since the mid 90s, the video quality was quite good however there were problems with the board popping off the Lisa chip resulting in some users gluing the board to the chip, also there was the lack of a port for the VGA cable, most users removed the RF unit and put the VGA cable there instead.

So here we are a few years later and Jens has released the MK2 model, this version does away with the VGA instead coming with a DVI socket, this makes sense as a lot of the modern monitors do not have the VGA socket anymore and are all DVI based. This also has the added advantage that HDMI can be used as the cable can be interchanged, individuals such as Kipper2K provide a few adapters and cables that can be used with the MK2.

When looking at the board for the first time you are stuck at how small it is, it really does not take up much space at all and when put it onto the Lisa chip you need to push very hard and it connects with a loud click but it will stay on, this is one improvement that many users have been longing for, there is no chance that the board will randomly pop off resulting in damage to the board or your Amiga. The DVI cable this time attaches to the space underneath the floppy disk drive there is even a screw to attach it in place and this again is a very welcome change, the slot is unused in most Amigas and this is the ideal place to put the connector. Once everything is connected and screwed in you are ready to go. Upon booting the Amiga the first thing that you notice is that the splash screen has become a small opaque logo in the top left hand side of the screen. To be honest I do not like this so much, it makes the product feel cheaper but this is just my personal feeling and others may not be so bothered by it. Once my Workbench popped up I noticed straight away that I had vertical lines, now this is a known occurance especially when using a DVI to VGA convertor like I am, for those of you with monitors that have DVI this should not be an issue. Aside from the verticle lines the picture has improved since the original Indivision, colour and crispness have all been improved and I was very happy with the picture quality .... however ... this did not go so well from there. There has been a number of complaints concerning the amount of resolutions supported by the MK2 and issues with the horizontal placement of the picture.

A lot of these problems can be fixed with a new core update but Jens has been working on this new core update for almost 2 years now and there is still no sign of when this will be available. This severely cripples the Indivision as there are only a few resolutions supported by the card, and many users have been reporting difficulties in positioning the card. With my card I also experienced over heating with my card caused artifacts on my screen.

To be honest I was very much looking forward to this card but even with the improvements in picture quality and the physical design I would have to warn future customers about this card. There has been no sign of a new core to address the issues that current users are having, the price that is being asked and to receive a product of this quality is not acceptable. For the time being I suggest looking elsewhere for your scan doubler needs. There is a new card coming out of east europe which should provide a good alternative.

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