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Author/Company: Individual Computers - Date of review: 15th December 2012
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I was a little dubious about the value of buying an Indivision ECS for my A600 as I figured there is no real need for the A600, the A1200 yes .. but after having bought the A604 I started to get itchy feet and thought what the heck, the Indivision ECS is only £69.00, that seems quite decent for a scan doubler, especially when you think of the price for the Indivison AGA cards. I ordered the card from Amigakit which was painless and around 3 weeks later it arrived in a large and well packed box, thank you Amigakit, as I do not live in the UK I was excempt from VAT which equates to around 20% off the usual price, nice!

The Indivision is very small and it feels quite solid in your hands (not that you should try bending it or anything!), there is a socket on the top where if you plug it into an A500 you put the CPU there however as I am going to use this for my A600 I just plugged it into my A604, the older versions of the A604 cards did not allow you to use the floppy drive and Indivision at the same time however with the A603 and 604 they fixed this problem and it fits in very nicely. It take only a few minutes to plug in the card. Once the case was closed and all the cables plugged in, I switched on the screen to be greeted by the Indivision splash screen, it is very reminicent of the good old Amiga demos, in short time Workbench popped up powered by Classic WB 68K and Kipper2k`s 4mb ram card. First off I have say that the picture quality is incredible, it is very clear and sharp, it definitely make my A600 feel more of a computer, I must admit that the qualit of the picture even surpasses that of the Indivision AGA MK2 but I guess this has something to do with the way that the video signal is accessed, whilst the Indivision AGA sits ontop of the Lisa chip the Indivision ECS directly accesses the video through the expansion port, this could explain the clearer picture. *Update: After doing some more research as I understand it they have recreated the Denise chip which is responsible the for Amiga`s graphics, instead of taking the graphics data from the chip it is being accessed directly. The added benefit to this is that there is more flexibility in how to use the card. It is now possible to use a Chunky 256 colour graphics mode for games such as Doom, and more recently there has been a driver that allows a 256 colour Workbench on the Amiga 600. Now to use these modes the CPU will need to upgraded as the lowly 68000 is still only 7 mhz but the possibility is there.

It is this, which in my opinion raises the bar above what the Indivision AGA can do, whilst the AGA version is very useful what the ECS version does is far better implemented resulting in a more stable and useful product, perhaps in the future Jens will create an AGA version in a similar vein to that of the ECS, one can hope!

There are other options such as adding scanlines for that more authentic feel and more thanks to the Indivision ECS tool, from the software you can adjust various aspects of the output to create custom resolutions and adjust the horizontal hrz rate if your current monitor does not like the default output. So far I have only messed around with the scanlines as I do like the feel of seeing those old lines again, it just feels right but some people will prefer to have this option off, to do this you will need to download the software from their website here. This has been the least hassle free scan doubler I have used so far, it is something that you may think you don`t need at first but once you get it you can`t believe that you lived without it. A fine product from Jens at Individual Computers, be it for your A500 or A600.

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