Amiga 600 4mb Fast Ram Expansion
Author/Company: Kipper2k - Date of review: 31st October 2012
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In the last two years or so there have been a number of individuals who have started producing much needed and cheap hardware addons for the classic Amiga series, such as Amigamaniac in Australia, another individual Kipper2k has recently released two new fast ram addons for the A500 and A600 computers. In this review I will have a look at the A600 4mb fast ram card, this card is unique in that it does not take up the PCMCIA slot instead it plugs directly onto the CPU itself providing a very useful and easy to install 4mb. The card costs Candian $39.00 + $10.00, this equates to approximentally £32.00 including shipping, a real bargain for such a device.

Left Amiga 500 card (4mb or 8mb) - Right Amiga 600 card (4mb)

The best way to order the card is to pop over to Amibay and have contact Kipper2k on the thread here first you need to post in the thread showing your interest and then send a private message (PM), he will then contact you with the payment details and shipping costs. In total it took about 3 weeks from contacting him, to him making the board and recieving the board, it was very well packed upon arrival. The card itself is very small but it feels strong and sturdy which you can`t say about some of the other more recent cards being made. It was a simple task of checking the A600 CPU and pushing the card ontop, once the card is on it sits very snuggly but becareful as it can have a tendency to pop off if you move your Amiga around.

Upon booting up the A600 the memory was recognised right away, there was no need to install any additional software and since there is 4mb the PCMCIA slot is still acessible from Workbench. With an A604 installed and Kipper`s 4mb card you have an A600 ready for running WHDLoad games and being a more productive machine. There was no real speed increase that I could notice like when you install fast memory in the Amiga 1200 but things still seem a little more nippy though it could be my imagination. There is one thing however I would have say is that the card can get quite hot and this might cause Gurus or the machine to freeze up, however this seems to be very rare and if there are any problems Kipper2k is very helpful.

Bottom line, this card is at a the perfect price and for what it does, there are other more expensive 020 or 030 cards for the A600 but as the ECS chip creates a bottleneck on any real decent speed boost this card is perfect for those on a budget or even not. It does exactly what is says on the tin.

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