Engish Amiga Board - EAB
Great Amiga website with users from all over the globe, predominately for the UK and European users it has a thriving community.

Amibay - Amiga Exchange Website
Same people from the EAB website created Amibay as a safe place to buy and sell Amiga wares without the inflated prices of eBay.

Amigakit - Amiga reseller and supplier
Amigakit have been around for a while servicing the Amiga community, based in the UK they sell around the glode and provide some of the best service possible when it comes to Amiga gear. They sell complete systems and parts and new hardware such as the Indivision series and ACA accelerators. Highly recommend!
Still going, after god knows how many years but if you are looking for a source of online Amiga software then this should be one of your stops, they don`t have the oldest software but there is always something new to find to install on your Amiga.
This website has been around for a long time and is best for servicing the North American Amiga community, it probabably has the highest member count and there is always an interesting thread going on.
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