Paula Angus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music
Author/Company: Sumthing Else Music Works - Date of review: 22nd May 2013
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Of recent there have been a number of Amiga re-releases, a few years back Chris Husselbeck released an album with the Turrican music redone in 16 bit audio, more recently Allister Brimble reached his Kickstarter target for his Amiga Works album of which I pre-ordered and will review when it comes out later this year, however another complilation has been just released this week, Paula Angus Denise- Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music. The album can be bought in either digital ($9.99/£6.75) download or for a bit more the CD ($15.00/£10.99) however I would recommend the digital download as most will listen to it as MP3. The ordering process from was painless and quick, there was an initial problem with my download link which did not work but they resolved it quickly and I was able to download the album within a few minutes. The audio comes as MP3 and packed as a zip with one artwork for iTunes etc.

The music chosen is all familiar tunes and have been included in most of the other compilations such as the Immortal series of albums however some of the remixes are different and it is still worth the price for a few of the tracks, most notably the Shadow of the Beast 2 Title Theme (Oxygene Moon Mix), Megablast (Xenon 2 Mix), Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Theme (daXX Remix), Project X, Brutal Deluxe (Speedball 2 Theme Remix), the rest of the tracks are a bit of a hit and miss such as the Pinball Dreams Title (Digital World Remix), the original was great on the Amiga but somehow the magic is lost in the remix, ideally I would love to hear remixes by the original composers.

is a good compilation of Amiga remixes though and it is nice to hear these classic tunes brought up-to-date but I have to admit after hearing some of the demo tracks from the new Allister Brimble album I am more excited that with this album. If anything this is a good album, the sound quality is good with mastering and levels kept at ideal levels however it feels that a little more could have been done with the song choice and styles used. A good little album to relive those memories and can`t complain at the digital download price. There are 19 tracks in total which is good value for money, the tracks can be bought individually from the iTunes store but at $0.99 for each track buying the whole album saves you 50% so I highly recommend that route. Download and relive those good old Amiga game memories on your iPod, MP3 player, or record them to tape for that authentic sound.

1. Synchaoz – “Hired Guns Medley (Synchaoz Remake)”
2. CoLD SToRAGE – “Shadow of the Beast 3 Game Over (Urban Slide Mix)”
3. Chris Huelsbeck – “Turrican 3 Main Title”
4. CoLD SToRAGE – “Shadow of the Beast 2 Title Theme (Oxygene Moon Mix)”
5. Synchaoz – “Narcissus (Cannon Fodder Lost in Service * Synchaoz Remix)”
6. Allister Brimble – “Alien Breed”
7. Fabian Del Priore – “Apidya Techno Party (Rapture Trance Mix)”
8. Ron Klaren – “Battle Squadron Intro”
9. Char7ie – “Pinball Dreams Title (Digital World 2011 Mix)”
10. Ramon Braumuller – “Clockwiser Title”
11. Danja & Martine – “Agony Title (Acoustic Jam)”
12. Ron Klaren – “Battle Squadron Game Over”
13. daXX – “Shadow of the Beast Title” (daXX Orchestra Remix)”
14. Bomb the Bass – “Megablast” (Xenon 2 Mix)”
15. daXX – “Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Theme (daXX Remix)”
16. Tomi Jylhä-Ollila – “Turrican 2 Main Title”
17. Allister Brimble – “Project-X”
18. The Zero One – “Brutal Deluxe (Speedball 2 Theme Remake)”
19. Chris Huelsbeck – “Apidya Theme”

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