11th of January 2017 - Viva Amiga Film
The new Amiga documentary from Zach Weddington.
1st of June 2013 - ACA620 A600 020 accelerator
Review of the new budget accelerator for the A600 from Individual Computers.
22nd of May 2013 - Paula Agnus Denise - Best of Amiga and CD32 Video Game Music
Digital download or CD Amiga album based on re-fixes of classic Amiga game music.
2nd of May 2013 - ACA1220
New accelerator from Individual Computers 128mb 020 at 17mhz reviewed.
15th of May 2013 - SCART to HDMI Convertor
If you are looking for an alternative to the Indivision then this just might be the device for you.
30th of January 2013 - Indivision AGA MK2
A short review about the popular scan doubler form Individual Computers.
30th of January 2013 - ACA1232/25 128MB
New accelerators are coming out for the A1200, in this review we look at the ACA1232/25 128mb card.
15th of December 2012 - Indivision ECS
Take a look at the Indivision ECS scan doubler for the A500 and A600.
31st of October 2012 - Kipper2K A600 4mb Fast Ram Expansion
Review of the new fast ram upgrade for the A600 from Kipper2K, click here to find about the latest upgrade for your A600.
15th of October 2012 - Individual Computers A604 1mb Chip Ram Expansion
This has been around for a while but I only recently had the time to review this innovative piece of kit for the A600.
5th of April 2011 - Review of Classic Workbench packs
Many people are coming back to the Amiga after years of being away and it can be difficult and time consuming to install and setup Workbench, Classic Workbench is a great all in one Workbench package for those who don`t want to go through the hassle of installing every essential application.
15st of Mar 2011 - Review of the Commodore Book
Books about our favourite company Commodore are thin on the ground and especially books that talk about the Amiga, recently there has been a new revised version released, we have the review here.

1st of Mar 2011 - Review of the V3.0 Amigamaniac RGB to S-Video adapter
A cheap and effective way to use your Amiga on a LCD TV or monitor, coupled with a cheap RGB to VGA convertor this piece of kit is a serious alternative to the internal scan doubler. Check out the review here.
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