SCART to HDMI Video Convertor
Author/Company: From eBay - Date of review: 15th May 2013
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In my search for a cheap scan doubler solution for my A1200 I was directed to this little device on Amibay, is a generic scan doubler from China which takes in a SCART signal (PAL/NTSC) and outputs it via HDMI to 1080p/720p. It costs around £39.00 which is a good deal cheaper than most other scandoublers out there but what makes this stand above all the others is the quality of the picture that is output. Put simply this is the best external budget scan doubler you can get if you want better you will need an Indivision but this this convertor comes very close to the quality you get from the Indivision. There are some problems with certain monitors which don`t support HDCP which is encoding that is added to the HDMI signal and others which will blur the mouse cursor when moving, aside from these issues which can be fixed with a better SCART or monitor, the colour accuracy, crispness of picture are fantastic for the price.

Setup of the device is very easy, essentially plug and go, just plug in the SCART cable from your Amiga into the SCART socket and use either an HDMI cable or HDMI to DVI cable if you wish to use the convertor with a monitor. Either way you will get a rock solid picture, even when changing from non-interlaced to interlaced the screen only flickers for a fraction of a second and then you have a flicker free image in crisp detail. The box runs off its own power supply so you need to make sure that you have the extra power socket otherwise it is very unobtrusive and sits nicely behind or next to your monitor. There are few buttons on the back of the machine but these are used for changing the input and output to be honest it is best to leave these alone as you can end up with a situation where you will not be able to see the video output and be aware of any errors. The scan doubler does a perfect job out of the box, the gradients are as smooth as you would expect especially with an AGA machine which sometimes can trip up other scan doublers.

To finish off this is an amazing little device for the price and image quality, if you are looking for a great alternative to the internal SD and don`t want to spend a fortune on Amiga hardware (and who does anyways!?) then this is an efficient and great SD to use. Check Amibay for more comments about this box and how it fares against some of the other SD on the market but in my opinion buy now before they get hard to get hold of.

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