RGB S-Video Adapter ver.3
Author/Company: Amiga Maniac - Date of review: 30th March 2011
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Amiga hardware developers are far and few nowadays in many respects this a sad aspect of the Amiga scene, in others it gives a chance for the indivual Amiga developer to shine. Amiga Manaic is one such developer who in his spare time creates Amiga marvels one of which is the RGB>S-Video adapter. Now you might be thinking what would I need an RGB>S-Video adapter for? With the advent of LCD monitors and technology it is becoming increasingly harder to display the native Amiga modes on a monitor, as most Amiga users are aware plugging in the composite cable into a TV gives you a very shoddy picture, there is the option of using a scan doubler like the Indivision AGA which works very nicely but for those of us on a tight budget it is simply not an option.

Amiga Maniac has come up with a cheap alternative by outputting an S-Video signal from the RGB port and then routing the signal into a $30.00 scan doubler you can get a very reasonable image on a standard LCD monitor. I have used in the past an Indivision AGA and the picture quality is fantastic on that however when you consider the cost of an RGB-S-Video adpater and an external VGA scan doubler it is amazing the results you can get.

The model that I went for was the v3.0 with a plastic case, the quality is very high and works like a charm, the picture is very solid and makes even using the workbench an enjoyable experience, couple it with the cheap VGA scandoubler and your Amiga will have a new lease of life for around $70.00. Amiga Maniac sells the VGA scan doubler but you can also get it from DealExtreme abeit for a higher price. The shipping was very fast (please note thought that I am in Japan and Amiga Maniac is in Australia), very well packaged with plenty of padding. I cannot recommend this little box enough, I do a lot of graphic design and music on my A1200 and this adapter has made me much more productive. Buy one today, you will not regret it! Amiga Maniac`s website is here: www.amigamaniac.com

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